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This blog is made with love, with the intention of spreading the joy of belly dance, talk about its history and evolution throughout the ages, share knowledge about teachers, and to continue to grow the dance community.

You will find articles about the history of belly dance, different styles of belly dance, essays, biografies of international dancers, and much more!

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Belly Dance Classes in California

Belly Dance Blog created by Tracy Rhaj

International Belly Dancer in Southern California. Professional dancer, choreographer, and fusion belly dance teacher in Southern California. Tracy's dance curriculum includes Diplomas in Dance Education Methodology, a study in dance pedagogy through the Functional Analysis of the Body in Movement in Dance (AFCMD), taught by Dance Pedagogue Mireya Martínez Solís.

She is a certified Siren Project international representant, after obtaining her teacher training certificate in Fat Chance Belly Dance style with flamenco fan.

Additionally, Tracy has studied with some of the world's best fusion belly dancers such as: Zoe Jakes, Rachel Brice, Belly Dance Superstar Sonia Ochoa, Carolena Nericcio, just to name a few.

Tracy has taught belly dance classes in different cities in Mexico, such as: Jalisco, Guanajuato, Mexico City, Colima, and others.

She currently teaches weekly in-person belly dance classes in Southern California plus online classes, as well as intensive workshops.

Learn more.

Do you live too far from me?

Join my online belly dance classes!

Weekly live classes via Zoom, with recordings included.

Class Schedules:

  • FCBD Style with Flamenco Fan, Format Created by Siren Project.
    Live on Tuesdays.
    Time: 6 pm Pacific time. / 7 pm Central time.

    Recordings included. 
    Language: Classes taught in English and Spanish.
  • Belly Dance Fusion: Dissociations, Layers, Combos, and Choreographies.
    Live on Tuesdays
    Time: 7:15 pm Pacific time. / 8:15 pm Central time.

    Recordings included.
    Language: Classes taught in English and Spanish.

All levels and international students are welcome.

Suggestion: Comfortable lycra/sports clothing, Water, Notebook and pen, Coin belt or skirt over tights (optional), Yoga mat (optional).

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E-mail me at

for more info on classes, booking or shows.

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