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Tracy Rhaj


Professional dancer, choreographer, and fusion belly dance teacher in Southern California. Tracy's dance curriculum includes Diplomas in Dance Education Methodology, a study in dance pedagogy through the Functional Analysis of the Body in Movement in Dance (AFCMD), taught by Dance Pedagogue Mireya Martínez Solís. She is a certified Siren Project international representant, after obtaining her teacher training certificate in Fat Chance Belly Dance style with flamenco fan. Additionally, Tracy has studied with some of the world's best fusion belly dancers Zoe Jakes, Rachel Brice, Sonia Ochoa, Carolena Nericcio, to name a few. Tracy teaches weekly belly dance classes in California and online, as well as bi-monthly workshops.


What is Fusion Belly Dance?


The term Fusion Belly Dance is used to describe a style of dance, which in addition to mixing the style of Fat Chance Belly Dance (FCBD®) with traditional Belly Dance, incorporates elements of different ethnic dances, including some classic belly dances. India, flamenco, as well as various traditional dances from North Africa and other disciplines not usually associated with Belly Dance such as hip hop or contemporary, for example.

It is a very broad style of belly dance and open to creativity. Additionally, there is the possibility of choreographing and improvising as a soloist or in a group, always maintaining a significant emphasis on the movements and aesthetics of dance in tribe format. In other words, you can incorporate elements from other dances.

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International Training

Tracy has studied with international teachers such as Belly Dance Superstars Sonia Ochoa, Rachel Brice, Zoe Jakes, FCBD creator Carolena Nericcio, Fusion Dancers Mira Betz, April Rose, Silvia Salamanca, Josefine Wandel, and more!

Certified Teacher

She has the Siren Project Teacher Training Certification: Fat Chance Belly Dance Style dialect with fan, created by belly dancer Katarzyna Lidia, together with Agata Zakrzewskay. She also has Diplomas in Dance Education Methodology, focused on Dance Pedagogy, (developed for dance teachers).

Dance Classes and Workshops

Belly Dance classes in California and Flamenco Fusion Classes and Workshops. Moreover, Tracy teaches Fat Chance Belly Dance style classes with fan: Dialect created by Siren Project. Contact Tracy Rhaj, belly dancer in California, for more details.

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