Legal Disclaimer 

Last Updated on February 6th, 2024

Welcome to Tracy Rhaj (Treisi Andrea Ramirez Gonzalez)' in-person classes, online Fusion Belly Dance classes, and her website!

Before you dive into the world of dance from the comfort of your own space, please take a moment to read and understand the following legal disclaimer, which mainly applies for her online classes, online Workshops and pre-recorded classes.
Note: There is a liability waiver, which applies best for her in-person classes in Southern California. Please send an email to to request it, if it may apply to you.

1. Technical Requirements:
Participants are responsible for ensuring they have access to a stable internet connection and appropriate technology for online participation.
Tracy Rhaj is not responsible for technical issues on the participant's end.

2. Physical Health:
Fusion Belly Dance and any of Tracy’s dance classes involves physical movement. It's essential to ensure you are in good health before participating in our online classes.
If you have any existing medical conditions, injuries, or concerns, please consult with your healthcare provider before joining the classes.

3. Personal Responsibility:
Participants are responsible for monitoring their own bodies and adapting movements to suit their individual comfort levels.
Inform the instructor of any discomfort, pain, or limitations you may be experiencing during the online class.

4. Virtual Environment:
Our online classes strive to create a positive and inclusive atmosphere. Any form of disrespectful behavior towards the instructor or fellow participants will not be tolerated.

5. Progression at Your Pace:
Each participant progresses at their own pace. Do not compare yourself to others, and remember that everyone has their unique dance journey. I cannot guarantee progress at a certain time because everyone is different.

6. Privacy and Recording:
Participants are not allowed to record the full class, sell, or reproduce the content without the explicit consent of Tracy Rhaj.
You may share a small clip for social media, always tagging @tracyrhaj.
See full Privacy Policy here.

7. Assumption of Risk:
Participation in online Fusion Belly Dance classes involves inherent risks. By participating, you acknowledge and assume these risks, releasing Tracy Rhaj from any liability.

8. Communication:
Stay updated on class information, schedules, and any announcements through the provided communication channels (email, social media platforms, etc.).

9. Photographic and Video Release:
Tracy Rhaj may take photos and video recordings during the classes and activities. Such recordings may be used in advertising or other published materials, physical or virtual to promote the classes.
If you do NOT consent to being photographed or video-recorded, please make sure Tracy Rhaj is aware of your concerns so that your photo or video is not published.

10. Verify your dance space:

Before taking any type of online class with Tracy Rhaj:

  • Review the space in which you will do the exercises.
  • Make sure any potential hazards are removed from the area including furniture and objects with sharp edges.
  • Be aware of slippery floors and wear appropriate footwear.
  • If you need to adjust any of the exercises in relation to your space, make sure to choose variations you can perform safely to avoid risk of injury.
  • If you develop any pain at home caused by the exercise you are doing, stop the exercise and consider variations to make it more suitable and comfortable.
  • If the pain is severe or related to an injury, please consider seeking medical advice and stop her classes immediately to avoid further injury.
  • Please make sure you keep hydrated throughout the session.

By enrolling in Tracy Rhaj’s in-person or online Fusion Belly Dance classes and workshops, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agreed to abide by her:
terms and conditions, privacy policy and legal disclaimer.
If you have any questions or concerns, plase feel free to send an email to for clarification.

Thank you for choosing me as an instructor for your dance journey. Let's dance, have fun, and celebrate the joy of movement together!


Tracy Rhaj (Treisi Andrea Ramirez Gonzalez)

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